Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Take A Break!

In working with horses we sometimes have a tendency to want to work to the point of perfection. After all, it's that perfection that gets us results in the show ring, right? While we do need to strive to improve our horse's performance, like anything else moderation is key.

Right now many parts of the country are under snow or rain. Pastures are frozen or knee deep in mud and riding pens are under water or slick with ice. It's just not a good time of year to get some good hard riding in. In fact, in many cases it's impossible unless you have an indoor arena.

We can't control the weather and not every one has access to an indoor riding pen. If that's the case for you, maybe it's a good time to take a break! 

Some of the top trainers will put 30-60 days on their two year olds and then turn them out all winter and barely mess with them. Why? If they kept riding them and drilling on them perfecting what they'd learned, sooner or later that colt is not going to enjoy its job. Just like us they need a break, except they need a break to just be a horse.

God knows we're the same way with Him. There's times we're driven so hard to accomplish or perfect something in our lives that we lose sight of the joy that we're supposed to have. The original Sabbath was meant just for that purpose. It was meant as a time to slow down and take a break so that we could spend time focusing on God and just being a human with Him. It's that time that makes us refreshed and ready to go again.

If you're frustrated with your riding or your life, maybe it's time to just slow down and take a break!